Monday, November 1, 2010

When I Met Kimora Lee Simmon's At F.I.T(Fashion Institute)

Hey Guy's This Is My 1ST Post So Y Not Start With The Most Faboulous Person I Ever Met Kimora Lee Simmon's...Ever Since I Was A Young I Adored And Admired Her Not For The Fame But For The Person She Was...So Here's The Story Behind Me Meeting Ms Lee HeRSELF...I Followed Her On Twitter && She Responded O So Dearly && Followed Me Back I Was O So Honored And I Asked Her When Is The Next Time She Will Be In Nyc && She Told Me On May 17TH So I Had To Make Sure I Didnt Miss It Lol...So I Looked It Up And Found Out It Was...400$ I Said Wowzer's I Highly Dont Have That && Said Chrissy Lets Just Be Honest With Ms Kimora And Indeed I Was And...She Seen How Discouraged I Was..So She Told Me To Dm Her My Number && Said She Got Me && That Friday Some One From Her Office Called Me At Aproxx 11 Am And Scheduled A Time For Me To Meet Him && I Did And Was So Nervous...But..When She WALKED In It Slowly Went Away...AND Her Class IS 1 OF THE REASON'S I AM FOLLOWING MY DREAM TO BE SUCCESFULL AND NEVER GIVIN UP AND SO DID HER BOOK "FABULOSITY" At The End OF The Class I Went && Was Takin Pic's Of Her && Her Worker Said To Me Chris I Got U... && Slowly She Worked OVER TO ME AND SAID OMG HI CHRISSY U WAS BLOWIN UP MY FONE BUT IT WAS WORTH IT AND DAT IM ADORABLE..AND SHE LOVES ME AND SAID TO ME I LOVE HOW YOU ARE SUCH A FAN OF NICKI MINAJ THAT SHE LOVES HER AS WELL AND SAID HOPEFULLY WEN SHE TAKES A PIC WITH ME IT WILL BE MY DEFAULT AND INDEED IT WAS..SHE WAS A BEAUTIFUL PERSON IM SO GREATFULL SHE GIVIN ME THE CHANCE TO BE IN DA SAME PRESENTCE AS HER...AND NOT JUDGEING ME AND SEEIN ME FOR WHO I AM THAT DAY I OFFICALLY BECAME A MEMBER OF #TEAMFABULOSITY I LOVE U KIMORA LEE SIMMONS :) P.s Please Follow Her On Twitter.Com/OfficialKimora ( She Is A Beautiful Person )

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