Monday, November 1, 2010

Meeting Drake At His For His Album @ Best Buy For Thank Me Later !

So...I Have A Dear Friend Name Tynique...U Will Hear Alot More About Her As My Journey Begins....Well It Already Has..But She Is Drake Biggest Fan So I Decided To Go And Support....And Plus I Have A Cousin Name David..Who Is Away In Florida So I Decided With His Sister My Cousin Crystal 2 Get The Cd Sighned Cuz He IS A Drake Fan As Well..The Expierance Was Crazy...106 And Park Girls GO Crazy...And When Drake Pulled Up At Midnight Girls Went Bannan'as I Tell You...But He Is A Kool Dude...And Got 2 Shake HiS HAND And Speak To Him HiS Security Reconized Me From 106 Thats So Cool But None The Less I Support Drake For Young Money Off The Strength For Nicki Minaj !

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