Monday, November 1, 2010

Meeting Flo From The Bad Girls Club Season 4 #Bgc

It Was Back In Febuary...I Saw A Flyer At A Big Gay Club In Brookylyn Called #TheLab And Flo Was On The Flyer && I Decided To Tweet Her 2 Verify It && She Responded...And Said She Will Be There...So I Got Too Be In V.i.p And Too Meet Her And When She MeT Me She Noticed Me And Rememberd I Was Chrissy...Then Followed Me Back On Twitter....And Still To This Day She Has Tooken Time Out To Speak With Me On The Fone And Give Me Advice I Thank Oxygen For Putting Flo On The Bad Girls CLub Cuz If IT Wasnt For Them I Would Never Know Such A Real Individual Even Existed I WILL FOREVER BE GOING WITH THE FLO :) Follow Her On Twitter.Com/FloBgc


  1. Hey baby just wanna say your the best. I love me some CHrissy. Forever your truely.

    Goin with the FLo